Our love story!

One of the games we played at my bridal shower was a blast–the guests wrote our love story!

It began with one line, written by my mom. She then passed it to the next guest, who continued the story with another one or two lines. That person then folded down the top of the paper so that the next person could only see what the person before them had written.


SEE?! Here I am reading it, and here is my mom and Aunt Nancy laughing!

Here it is, OUR LOVE STORY!

(and many elements are surprisingly true, or will be coming true, to say the least!)

Mollie & Adam met a week after she arrived in Phoenix. They lived in the same apartment complex. It was love at first sight when they looked into each other’s eyes and he said, “I like to drink beer,” and Mollie said, “Are you kidding me? WTF how do you already know I love drinking games!? Just yesterday, I was out with my friends and lost my keys!” But somehow, Adam was finding the key to Mollie’s heart. Additionally, Mollie and Adam were always eating Taco Bell and fell in love after realizing their mutual good taste.

Bambi, who was had out of wedlock, gave them great practice at dressing a baby in cute clothes. They laughed all the time about how cute Bambi looks when they dress her up (Adam had the cutest laugh.)


They couldn’t wait to take Bambi on vacation with them to the Grand Canyon where they carried her in an adorable doggy backpack. Here’s some advice: Bambi should never come between you and Adam. (TOO LATE! She tries to kick me out of the house every chance she gets!)


They eventually bought a house in Scottsdale where they dined on Sprinkles cupcakes and sang songs around their beautiful outdoor fireplace. They always realized how lucky and fortunate they were.


They also took their entertaining to a new level by hosting dog parties for Bambi and all of her friends. These parties made for the most PUPular HypeGirl posts to date!

HypeGirl became so MILDLY popular that Mollie was commissioned to write her own entertaining “HOW TO” book! The book was then optioned by Hollywood to become a movie. The only problem was casting–Angelina Jolie seemed too old to play the HypeGirl Herself. Bambi, too, was involved in the production. She loved all the attention, belly rubs, and wardrobe changes.

Unfortunately, however, Bambi was cut from many of the scenes, as she could not control her “issues.”

FullSizeRender (74)

But the movie was a huge success, as was their marriage. Adam and Mollie had all the children in the world and continued enjoying eating and cooking together into their old age!


9 days until the big day!


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