Our Tea Party

One time, I hosted a very fancy tea party for Pearl‘s thir-tea third birthday. It was one of my favorite days of life. We are literally still talking about it. I’ll show you all the cool parts of it so that YOU can throw a super great tea party, too!

First you’ll need plenty of time to plan and shop. We spent weeks hitting up craft stores and Goodwills (on super Saturdays, only!) gathering all of the items, decor, and ingredients we needed for a perfect party.

Here is one of my favorite things we picked up:


This is an enchanting antique chandelier that we got at a garage sale (Pearl got it for me as a hostess gift!) I hung it in my tree in the backyard. In my opinion, it added just the right amount of elegance and flair to our party.

We also built a “photo booth!”


Pearl fashioned this photo backdrop out of a drop cloth ($10 at Home Depot!), a piece of lace from Goodwill, and some gold FANCY balloons that she acquired whilst going about her everyday whimsical and imaginative adventures. Pearl also put together a box of photo props like parasols, flower crowns, and chalkboards for us to use in our snapshots. Did I mentioned we hired a professional photographer? (Because, duh.)


These are the favors that Pearl put together for all of the attendees. Inside, there was peppermint tea, chocolates, headbands, and bracelets. What a lovely gift!


One other thing that I prepared (and totally recommend that you have at your party) were the butter rosettes. I spent about 45 minutes the week of the party piping four rosettes into little butter dishes. It was an excellent usage of time.

Next, we put together a guest list and invited all of our fanciest friends! (Those are the only types of friends we have, after all.)

We spent the day and night before the party baking bite sized delectables like scones and cupcakes, and putting together all of our fanciest servingware and china pieces.


Finally, the day had arrived!


We set the tables with our nicest teacups and saucers, decorated the backyard with balloons and streamers, and strung up our photo backdrop from the roof!

When our peeps began to arrive, we popped the bottles (like…34 of them to be exact…)


We took photos galore.


We drank tea. We nibbled on deviled eggs and finger sandwiches.

IMG_0217 IMG_0216

We drank more champs.


Did I mention this took place in the middle of November!? Look at us wearing summer dresses! (Mine was by Diane Von Furstenburg, by the way.)

We ate mini desserts, perfect for afternoon tea.



The cupcakes were homemade, by me (DUH!) I  grabbed the shortbread cookies and the other desserts from Costco to save some time. Those little eclairs and bon-bons came in a frozen dessert assortment box–it was SO easy because all I had to do was take them out of the freezer 30 minutes prior to serving!


Closeup of my mini cupcakes! I’ll tell you about how I make these another time! (But basically, add cupcake baking and decorating to the list of things I’m good at.)

After that, we hit the hottest clubs in Scottsdale where managers were just dying to comp us a table. There, we popped more (free) bottles!


I’m not surprised there is a random creeper dude in this photo. It happens all the time when you’re the prettiest, coolest, funnest girls in the whole bar.

Later that night, we even stopped a bar brawl happening in the bathroom because we are so dignified and classy.

It was a serious celebration. Now go forth, and plan your own fancy tea parties!


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