Green Juice

Welp. We got a Vitamix blender for our wedding shower. (All Vitamix owners say, “Yea, but it’s sooo much more than a blender!”) You guys, it’s so much more than a blender.

My inaugural recipe was a ginger greens juice.

You can find the recipe here. However, you’ll need some supplies and you’ll need to complete some simple tasks before you try this out. First you’ll need a Vitamix blender. And once you have one, you’ll need to say, “You guys, it’s so much more than a blender.”

You will next need some super cute Weck juice jars. Buy them here! And finally, get your handsssss on a nut milk bag (MMmMMMM.) I bought this one here, because it claims to be the “best of the best” as far as nut milk bags are concerned, and I am ONLY interested in using the best nut milk bags on this earth.

Ok, I know what you’re saying–seems like a lot of supplies and effort for some juice. I did it because #weddingdiet. Further, it was worth it–the juice was so delicious, healthy, and good for the body. (Before green juice, I saw white and gold. After green juice consumption, I now see blue and black when I look at the dress.)

The juice recipe called for fresh ginger, and Adam bought a ginger root the size of my face.


See?! Needless to say, I had ginger left over even after I made enough juice to fill six jars! I also had a bag of carrots in the fridge and some coconut milk in the cabinet–these ingredients are the base of one of my favorite crock pot soups! Don’t have a crock pot? Get. On. My. Level.

You can get the recipe here, from! This batch made enough soup to fill four mason jars. I froze two for later and put two in the fridge to eat with my lunches this week.

Made with Repix (

TA-DA! I am awesome.

According to WebMD, ginger can treat many types of “stomach problems,” including motion sickness (doesn’t apply, I’m an excellent pilot), morning sickness (still doesn’t apply–promise), colic (no babies here), nausea, loss of appetite (definitely doesn’t apply), and gas/diarrhea (perfecttttttttt!!!!) I’m gonna have a greattttttttt week.

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