Grilled Artichokes


They are the perfect appetizer for your dinner party or happy hour at home. Why? This appetizer is a lot of work for a very little amount of food! YAY! So it totally fits into whatever diet you’re on this week!!

Okay okay okay okay. I’m just kidding–here’s what I mean. Cons: there are a few more steps than your chip-and-dip style snack. Pros: artichokes are like so hot right now and you’ll look super sophisticated because it packs a TON of flavor and looks beautiful on the plate.

Plus, we are addicted to grilling in the summer so we get to do that too.

First, halve your artichokes and cut off the pointy tops.
FullSizeRender (65)

You’ll boil them first briefly, prior to the grill. To do this, simply place them in a large pot of boiling water for 15 minutes! Squeeze some lemon into the water to keep the artichokes from browning.

Meanwhile, preheat your grill for medium/high heat.

Next up, you’ll make your marinade! We have this handy contraption here, which makes marinating and basting while grilling very easy and safe. (This was part of Adam’s Christmas gift last year–I got him this and a bunch of grilling tools and sauces, which was a great gift idea, if you ask me. I’m typically full of very good ideas, which you obviously know, if you read this blog.)

You need this thingie because you need a pot for your marinades. Also, the brush is attached to the lid so it keeps your hands safe from the heat/flame of the grill.

FullSizeRender (67)FullSizeRender (66)

Okay Okay. So mix together the juice of one lemon, 3/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil, and 4 cloves of minced garlic. Season with salt and pepper.

Once your ‘chokes have boiled for 15 minutes, remove from the water and drain. Once they are nice and dry, brush the olive oil mixture onto the ‘chokes and BE GENEROUS (just like you are in life!) Coat ’em with the stuff!

FullSizeRender (68)

Place them on the grill for five to 10 minutes. Continue to coat with the marinade and turn them frequently. When they are slightly charred, you’re done!

Serve with the remaining olive oil mixture as a dipping sauce! A simple melted butter dip would be wonderful as well.

FullSizeRender (69)


Artichoke eating tip: not all parts of the artichoke are edible. Visit the California Artichoke Advisory Board (not even joking–that exists) to learn how to eat an artichoke here. I don’t have time for this.


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