Quinoa Tabouli


You guys, this is my friend Kelly Potts (I am also in this picture, DUH.) Isn’t she cute!? This photo should look familiar to you if you are a regular HGH reader. If not, click here. (And then get with the program, k?)

Here are a few things you should know about Kelly Potts.

1) She’s the kind of person that you call by her first and last name! Everyone calls her Kelly Potts.

2) She is a vegetarian and she is also allergic to many delicious things like chicken, eggs, and coconut. These are things that I cook with very often, so this makes her my hardest friend to cook for. I have to get creative.

3) She was my youngest friend for a while, (and then these hooligans came around) and she wants to learn from me how to be a Susie Homemaker. Me = Cher Horwitz; Kelly Potts = Tai Frasier.

4) When she turned 24 a few months ago, Pearl made her a Potts piñata. See?


4) She’s pretty much a professional dog sitter.

So. Kelly Potts, as per usual, was on the go and busy as a bee visiting some doggies she was watching. She needed something healthy to eat, and fast! So, naturally, she enlisted my help and asked what she should grab that would be nutritious and quick. With my usual go-to’s off limits due to her allergies, I didn’t have great advice for her. So I decided there was no other way than to just take matters into my own hands and COOK FOR HER MYSELF!

I have a great recipe for a vegetarian quinoa salad. AND I JUST HAPPENED TO HAVE ALL THE INGREDIENTS ALREADY IN MY CABINET/FRIDGE/GARDEN! (I love when that happens!)

It is a quinoa version of a greek tabouleh salad. I LOVE this recipe here. Chopped cucumbers and tomatoes (I used three different colors!) give this salad a great crunch. The lemon, fresh parsley, and mint make it really refreshing. The quinoa ups the protein content and is also a whole grain.

IMG_5036 IMG_5037

TA-DA! Isn’t it BeAuTiFuL!? Pretttyyyy colorsssss!

FullSizeRender (17)

(I also made her a baggie of kale chips.)

So I packed her a little sack for her on-the-go lifestyle and she swung by after work. When you are a HypeGirl and you have your very own Kelly Potts, this is just what you do.


See!? She LOVED every last bite!!!


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